Voca is a national relationship organization dedicated to people, passion, and purpose. We build professional relationships through a unique model designed to improve communication, deliver consistency and ensure our partnerships are successful.

who we work with

We partner with leading public, private, non-profit, and government clients throughout the United States, providing support across diverse verticals including the Healthcare, Professional, Legal, Financial, Creative, and Technology fields.

our approach

Every Voca partner is supported by a dedicated Relationship Manager who is invested in becoming an expert in the unique needs and nuances of each individual client, tailoring our solutions and providing expert recommendations and insights.

Voca recruiters utilize leading edge industry tools and technologies to identify the most qualified candidates, and our rigorous vetting process ensures only the most engaged and passionate candidates are presented for your consideration.

partner with us

At Voca, our dedication to identifying and placing the right person in the right position is more than our job, it’s our calling. Please contact us to determine if Voca is the right solution for your organization.

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voca sample quarterly score card

sample scorecardaveragevoca
Overall Supplier Grade58.61%93.98%
% Shortlists (Candidate Quality)50.89%77.22%
Number of Submitted Candidates93281
Interviewed % to Shortlists31.4%42.86%
MSP Supplier Best Practices3.204.50
Hire Rate Metric 14.21%23.33%
Number of New Starts7.6528
Negative Turnover1.6%0.6%
Converted to Permanent Positions0.555
Conversion %4.12%27.9%
Quarterly Headcount16.7163
Number of Locations Serviced5.0332
Number of Skills Categories Serviced2.424