At Voca, we specialize in providing exceptional travel nursing jobs that cater to the adventurous and dedicated healthcare professionals. Our extensive range of travel nurse opportunities allows you to explore new locations while advancing your career in diverse medical settings. We offer a variety of travel nursing positions across the country, each designed to meet your professional goals and personal preferences. Our travel nurse requirements ensure that we match you with the best opportunities suited to your skills and experience, supporting your journey every step of the way. Discover the exciting world of travel nursing with Voca and take your career to new heights. Voca is one of the top travel nursing agencies in the country! Contact us today.

What is Travel Nursing?

Travel nursing with Voca involves placing highly skilled nurses in temporary positions across various healthcare facilities nationwide. This unique career path allows nurses to explore diverse medical environments, gain invaluable experience, and adapt to different healthcare settings while providing essential support where it is most needed. Travel nurses fill critical gaps during staffing shortages, peak periods, or special projects, ensuring that patient care remains uninterrupted. At Voca, we connect dedicated travel nurses with rewarding assignments, offering them the chance to make a meaningful impact while enjoying the flexibility and adventure that comes with travel nursing.

Travel Nurse Overview

Travel nursing is experiencing significant growth, driven by the increasing demand for healthcare professionals across the country. Current trends indicate a surge in travel nursing opportunities as hospitals and healthcare facilities strive to address staffing shortages and fluctuating patient needs.

The financial benefits of travel nursing are also attracting more professionals to this field. Travel nurse salary expectations are typically higher than those of permanent staff nurses, with travel nurse pay often including additional perks such as housing stipends, travel allowances, and bonuses. These competitive compensation packages reflect the flexibility and expertise required for travel nursing roles.

Overall, the demand for travel nurses continues to rise, offering lucrative and diverse opportunities for nurses willing to adapt to different healthcare environments and locations. Voca ensures that travel nurses are matched with the best assignments that meet their professional and personal preferences, providing support and resources every step of the way.

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Success Stories and Testimonials

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My experience working with Voca has been wonderful. I really appreciate my recruiter for helping me find my dream job with a wonderful company. Just want to thank them for putting their faith in me.

Lasana Chowoe
RN, Registered Nurse
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My experience working with Voca has been nothing but phenomenal! I applied for jobs through other temp-to-hire agencies in the past, but I have never gotten past the initial phone call with them. Voca not only helped me land a job in my preferred field, but they also went above and beyond by finding me the perfect contract. My time with Voca has been beneficial and rewarding, and I would definitely recommend them to further your professional careers!

Samantha Heth
RN, Registered Nurse
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I will say this company was amazing. Voca helped me every step of the way. I now work for a great company that pays me very well. I highly recommend. They obviously hire great people. Thank you all so much!

Lovely Walker
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I have to tell you about my personal experience with Voca. They contacted me based on my resume with an exceptional work offer. They interviewed me, guided me, and presented my resume to the company. They spent several weeks negotiating and maintaining very good communication until the good news finally reached me. The company sent me the offer letter. I am fully satisfied. Voca's recruiters are super professional, skilled, and engaged. Thank you, Voca!

Marielys Guedes
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My experience with Voca has been wonderful. Voca made my startup process very easy. They were very quick with responding to my calls and emails.

Patricia Norris
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It is very convenient that I can always talk or text my recruiter anytime, and they respond quickly. They have worked with my schedule, got me the job I wanted, and continue to help me while I work. Voca goes above and beyond! Very impressed, I would recommend Voca as a company.

Hanska Burris
RN, Registered Nurse
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Importance of Travel Nurses in the Healthcare Sector

Travel nursing jobs play a crucial role in the healthcare sector, offering vital support and flexibility to hospitals and clinics nationwide. Travel nurse opportunities provide healthcare facilities with skilled professionals who can adapt quickly to various medical environments, ensuring consistent patient care during staffing shortages or peak periods. These travel nursing positions allow nurses to gain diverse experiences while meeting the dynamic needs of healthcare systems. Meeting travel nurse requirements ensures that only the most qualified and adaptable nurses are placed in these roles, bringing expertise and resilience to communities in need. At Voca, we are dedicated to connecting talented travel nurses with rewarding opportunities that make a significant impact on patient care across the country. Work with the best travel nurse agency! Contact Voca today.

Types of Travel Nursing Jobs

Travel nurse jobs encompass a wide variety of specialties and locations, offering nurses the opportunity to work in diverse environments and gain specialized experience. ICU travel nurse jobs are available for those skilled in intensive care, while ER travel nurse jobs cater to nurses adept in emergency medicine, both offering competitive salaries. Pediatric travel nurse jobs allow nurses to care for young patients, with attractive pediatric travel nurse salaries reflecting their specialized skills. Operating room (OR) travel nurse jobs are ideal for those experienced in surgical settings, complemented by competitive OR travel nurse salaries. Labor and delivery travel nurse jobs provide critical support for mothers and newborns, with labor and delivery travel nurse salaries rewarding their expertise.

Benefits of Travel Nursing

For Nurses

Travel nursing with Voca offers some of the highest paying travel nurse jobs, combining financial rewards with professional growth and adventure. The benefits of travel nursing with Voca include competitive compensation packages, including housing and travel allowances, which ensure that nurses are well-supported during their assignments. Additionally, travel nurses enjoy the flexibility to choose their locations and assignments, gaining diverse clinical experiences and enhancing their skillsets. Voca’s comprehensive support system and opportunities for continuing education further enhance the professional development of travel nurses, making it a fulfilling and impactful career choice.

For Employers

The benefits of travel nursing for employers with Voca are substantial, providing healthcare facilities with a reliable and flexible solution to staffing challenges. Travel nurses bring a wealth of experience and adaptability, seamlessly integrating into diverse medical settings to ensure continuity of care during peak periods, staff shortages, or special projects. Employers benefit from the expertise and fresh perspectives that travel nurses offer, which can enhance patient outcomes and team dynamics. Additionally, Voca’s travel nursing program reduces the administrative burden on healthcare facilities by handling recruitment, vetting, and logistical support, allowing employers to focus on delivering exceptional patient care.

Key Characteristics of Travel Nursing


Travel nursing with Voca offers flexible assignments, allowing nurses to choose when and where they want to work.

Diverse Experience 

Nurses gain exposure to various medical environments and specialties, enhancing their professional skills and knowledge.

Competitive Compensation

Voca provides attractive pay packages, including benefits and allowances for housing and travel expenses

Professional Growth

Opportunities for continuing education and professional development are available to help nurses advance their careers.

Comprehensive Support

Voca offers dedicated support throughout the assignment, from interviews to onboarding to addressing any concerns that arise.

Adventure and Travel

Travel nurses with Voca can explore new cities and regions, making their work experience enjoyable and enriching.

Fulfillment and Impact

Nurses have the opportunity to make a significant difference in diverse communities, providing essential care where it’s needed most.

Travel Nursing Qualifications and Requirements

Travel nursing requires a strong educational foundation and relevant certifications to ensure nurses can provide the highest level of care across diverse healthcare settings. To embark on a travel nursing career, individuals typically need to hold a Registered Nurse (RN) license, with many employers preferring candidates with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN). Additionally, certifications such as Basic Life Support (BLS) and Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) are often required, as they demonstrate a nurse’s ability to handle critical situations. State licensing requirements can vary significantly, and staying compliant is crucial for travel nurses. Each state has its own Board of Nursing with specific licensure prerequisites, which may include continuing education and renewal processes. At Voca, we simplify this process by providing comprehensive support to help our nurses stay up-to-date with their state licenses. We offer resources and assistance to ensure all necessary paperwork, renewals, and state-specific requirements are managed efficiently, allowing our travel nurses to focus on delivering exceptional patient care.

How to Get Started in Travel Nursing

Getting started in travel nursing involves several key steps and tips to ensure a smooth transition into this dynamic career path. First, obtain the necessary education and credentials by becoming a Registered Nurse (RN) and, preferably, earning a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN). Next, gain at least one to two years of experience in your specialty to build a strong foundation of skills. Secure essential certifications like Basic Life Support (BLS) and Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS).

Once you’re ready, research and connect with travel nursing agency, Voca, which can help you navigate the complexities of travel nursing and find suitable assignments. When searching for assignments, consider factors such as location, facility reputation, and contract details. Utilize networking opportunities with other travel nurses and leverage the support and resources provided by your agency. By following these steps and tips, you can embark on a rewarding travel nursing career, enjoying diverse experiences and making a significant impact in various healthcare settings.



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Tips for Travel Nurses

Research Assignments Thoroughly

Before accepting a travel nursing assignment, research the location, healthcare facility, and specific unit. Understand the work environment, patient demographics, and local culture to ensure it’s a good fit for you.

Maintain Flexibility

Travel nursing requires adaptability. Be open to new experiences, different work settings, and varied patient populations. Flexibility will help you thrive in diverse environments.

Stay Organized

Keep all necessary documents, such as your nursing license, certifications, and employment records, organized and easily accessible. This will streamline the onboarding process for new assignments.

Network with Other Travel Nurses

Connect with other travel nurses to share experiences, advice, and support. Networking can provide valuable insights and help you build a sense of community while on the move.

Understand Your Contract

Carefully review your contract details, including pay rates, housing arrangements, travel reimbursements, and job responsibilities. Ensure you are clear on all terms and conditions before signing.

Prioritize Self-Care

Travel nursing can be demanding, so it’s important to prioritize self-care. Ensure you get enough rest, eat well, and take time for relaxation and activities that rejuvenate you.

Stay Updated on Licensing Requirements

Each state has different licensing requirements. Stay informed about the licensing process for each new location, and use resources like Voca’s support to keep your credentials current.

Pack Smart

Bring only essentials and items that will help you feel at home. Consider the climate and living arrangements of your assignment location when packing.

Embrace Continuing Education

Take advantage of continuing education opportunities to enhance your skills and stay current with healthcare practices. This will make you more competitive and effective in your roles.

Communicate Effectively

Good communication is key to integrating into new teams and providing quality patient care. Be proactive in asking questions and seeking clarification when needed.

By following these tips, you can maximize the benefits of travel nursing, ensuring a rewarding and successful career on the road.

Voca is here to support you every step of the way, from finding the perfect assignment to staying compliant with all necessary requirements.

Challenges and Solutions

Challenge 1: Adjusting to New Environments

Solution: Embrace flexibility and adaptability. Take time to familiarize yourself with the new facility, introduce yourself to colleagues, and ask questions about protocols and practices. Joining travel nursing communities and forums can also provide support and tips for adjusting to new settings.

Challenge 2: Licensing and Credentialing Issues

Solution: Stay organized and proactive with your licensing requirements. Keep a checklist of necessary documents and deadlines. Partner with Voca, who offers assistance in managing state-specific licensing and credentialing requirements, ensuring you remain compliant.

Challenge 3: Housing Challenges

Solution: Research housing options thoroughly before accepting an assignment. Use resources provided by your agency for safe and convenient accommodations. Consider short-term rental services or furnished apartments, and connect with fellow travel nurses for recommendations and potential housing shares.

By addressing these common problems with practical solutions, travel nurses can enjoy a more rewarding and less stressful experience in their assignments. Voca provides comprehensive support to help travel nurses navigate these challenges successfully, ensuring a fulfilling and impactful career on the road. Learn more ways to overcome challenges as a travel nurse by reading this blog.

FAQs About Travel Nursing

What are the basic requirements to become a travel nurse with Voca?
To become a travel nurse with Voca, you need to be a licensed Registered Nurse (RN) with at least one to two years of experience in your specialty. A Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) is preferred, and essential certifications such as Basic Life Support (BLS) and Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) are often required.
How does Voca assist with state licensing requirements?

Voca provides comprehensive support for managing state-specific licensing requirements. We help you stay organized and ensure all necessary paperwork, renewals, and state-specific credentials are up to date, allowing you to focus on your assignments without administrative stress.

What types of assignments can I expect with Voca?

Voca offers a wide range of travel nursing assignments across various specialties, including ICU, ER, pediatric, OR, and labor and delivery. Our assignments are available in numerous locations and states, such as California, Florida, Ohio, and Georgia, providing you with diverse opportunities to match your preferences and skills.

What is the typical duration of a travel nursing assignment?

Travel nursing assignments typically last 13 weeks, but they can range from 8 to 26 weeks or longer, depending on the needs of the healthcare facility and your availability

How does Voca handle housing arrangements for travel nurses?

Travel nursing assignments typically last 13 weeks, but they can range from 8 to 26 weeks or longer, depending on the needs of the healthcare facility and your availability

What kind of support does Voca offer during assignments?

Voca offers continuous support throughout your assignment, from onboarding to addressing any concerns that arise. Our team is dedicated to ensuring you have a positive experience, providing assistance with logistics, licensing, and any other needs you may have.

How does Voca help with finding the right travel nursing assignments?

Voca takes a personalized approach to match you with assignments that align with your skills, experience, and preferences. We work closely with you to understand your career goals and find the best opportunities that offer professional growth and fulfillment.

What are the benefits of travel nursing with Voca?

Travel nursing with Voca offers numerous benefits, including competitive pay, flexibility in choosing assignments, exposure to diverse medical environments, and opportunities for professional growth. Additionally, we provide housing support, licensing assistance, and continuous support throughout your assignments.

How do travel nurse salaries compare to permanent staff nurse salaries?

Travel nurse salaries are typically higher than those of permanent staff nurses. Travel nurse pay often includes additional benefits such as housing stipends, travel allowances, and bonuses, making it a financially attractive option for many nurses.

What insurance and benefits does Voca provide?

When packing for a travel nursing assignment, bring essentials such as your nursing license, certifications, medical equipment, work attire, and personal items. Consider the climate and living arrangements of your assignment location, and pack items that will make you feel at home.

By addressing these frequently asked questions, Voca ensures that travel nurses are well-prepared and supported throughout their journey, making the experience rewarding and successful.

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Recent Travel Nursing Postions

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RN Med/Surg – Registered Nurse in Medicine and Surgery

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RN ERRN L&D – Registered Nurse in Enhanced Role Registered Nurse / Labor and Delivery

RN Triage – Registered Nurse Triage

RN OR – Registered Nurse Operating Room

RN OB – Registered Nurse Obstetrics

RN PICU/NICU – Registered Nurse Pediatric Intensive Care Unit / Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

RN SICU – Registered Nurse Surgical Intensive Care Unit

RN GI/Endoscopy – Registered Nurse Gastrointestinal and Endoscopy

LPN – Licensed Practical Nurse

CNA – Certified Nursing Assistant