Professionals in specialized roles are essential to the smooth operation and success of businesses. These individuals bring expertise and experience to their fields, ensuring that companies can achieve their strategic goals and maintain high standards of performance. From procurement and sourcing to production and recruitment, these professionals are critical in driving business growth and innovation.

Voca is a leading recruitment agency that specializes in connecting skilled professionals with top opportunities in various industries. We understand the unique demands of staffing and provide tailored recruitment solutions to meet these needs. Voca’s extensive network and expertise in staffing make us a valuable resource for both job seekers and employers. Whether you’re looking to advance your career or find the perfect fit for your organization, Voca is here to help.

Elevate Your Career in Procurement, Sourcing, Production, and Recruitment

Roles in procurement, sourcing, production, and recruitment are more critical than ever. These positions ensure that organizations operate efficiently, maintain high-quality standards, and meet their strategic goals. Procurement jobs, for instance, involve acquiring the goods and services a company needs to function. Meanwhile, sourcing managers identify and evaluate suppliers to secure the best deals. Production operators and product operations managers oversee the manufacturing process, ensuring products are produced efficiently and to high standards. Recruiters, both contract and corporate, play a pivotal role in sourcing and hiring the best talent to drive organizational success.

How Procurement, Sourcing, Production, and Recruitment Roles Contribute to Organizational Efficiency

Professionals in procurement specialist jobs and sourcing analyst roles significantly contribute to an organization’s success by ensuring cost-effective and timely acquisition of necessary materials and services. Effective sourcing and procurement strategies lead to substantial savings and streamlined operations. Similarly, production operators ensure the smooth running of manufacturing processes, directly impacting product quality and production efficiency. In recruitment, contract recruiters and corporate recruiters bring in top-tier talent, enhancing the overall capability and performance of the workforce.

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Different Procurement, Sourcing, and Production Jobs

The procurement and sourcing field offers a variety of roles, including:

Procurement Specialist Jobs

Sourcing Manager Jobs

Sourcing Analyst Jobs

Production Operator Jobs

Product Operations Manager

Logistics Associate Jobs

Junior Recruiter Jobs

Senior Recruiter Jobs

Account Manager Jobs

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Customer Service

Voca recognizes the importance of customer service roles in shaping the success of any business. We focus on connecting talented individuals with top-notch customer service jobs across various industries. Great customer service is the secret behind any great client experience, and this is why at Voca, we get the right people doing the right jobs.

How Customer Service Jobs Contribute to Organizational Efficiency

There are many advantages for clients and candidates in customer care. For clients, customer service professionals increase support for customers/patrons partaking in a service or product. They also foster loyalty and contribute to the overall growth and reputation of the company. For customer service candidates, these roles offer rewarding career paths with opportunities for advancement, professional development, and the satisfaction of helping others.

Customer Service Jobs

At Voca, there are countless customer service jobs that will match your interests and skills. We have dozens of job opportunities for client service representatives, customer service representatives and customer service managers. We are looking for both beginners who want to start their job experience in a reputable company, as well as those who already have deep knowledge and expertise in customer service.

Customer Care Representative

Client Service Representative

Customer service Representative

Customer Service manager

Calling All Customer Service Professionals!

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Human Resources

The Role and Importance of HR Professionals

Human resources (HR) professionals are the epicenter of any successful organization. At Voca, we recognize how crucial HR experts are in shaping the workforce and driving success. Whether you’re looking to fill human resources jobs or seeking to advance your career in Human Resources, Voca provides comprehensive staffing solutions tailored to what you’re looking for.

The Benefits of Strong HR Management

HR professionals significantly impact employee satisfaction and organizational success. Effective HR management leads to higher employee engagement, improved retention rates, and a more positive workplace culture. For those pursuing human resources generalist jobs, the ability to handle various HR functions ensures a well-rounded approach to employee management, benefiting both the staff and the organization.

Job Types in Human Resources

Human resources is a diverse field with many different roles, each important in smoothing and optimizing each operation of an organization. Some essential positions Voca places:

Human Resources Generalist Jobs

Human Resources Coordinator Jobs

Human Resource Management Jobs

Human Resources Business Partner Jobs

Organizational Change Management Consultant

Training Manager Jobs

Qualifications for HR Roles

Human Resources Generalist

Human Resources Coordinator

Human Resources Manager

Human Resources Business Partner

Organizational Change Management

Consultant Training Assistant

Training Manager Learning

Development Manager

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Clerical, Support, and Sales

Voca acknowledges that clerical, support, and sales staff play a critical role in driving organizational efficiency and business development. Whether you are looking for receptionist jobs, administrative assistant positions, or executive assistant roles, Voca is ready connect you with the right opportunity. Are you a business interested in filling clerical, support or sales roles? Voca is also ready to help you!

The Role of Clerical, Support, and Sales Staff

Clerical staff, support staff, and sales staff are essential to operational excellence within an organization. These roles include office clerks, office assistants, office managers, store managers and others whose primary responsibility is ensuring that business operations run smoothly. Amongst these critical roles in the organization, these positions are important as their work activities cut across all departments and interact with every other position in the organization.

Benefits of Clerical, Support, and Sales Staff

Working in clerical, support, and sales positions offers numerous benefits. These roles contribute to organizational efficiency, enhance customer satisfaction, and drive sales growth. Positions such as administrative assistants, executive assistants, and office managers are crucial in maintaining the day-to-day operations of an organization, while sales roles like store managers directly impact revenue generation.

Job Types and Opportunities in Clerical, Support, and Sales

At Voca, we offer a wide range of job opportunities in clerical, support, and sales roles, including:

Receptionist Jobs

Administrative Assistant Jobs

Executive Assistant Jobs

Mail Room Clerk Jobs

Sorter Jobs and Mail Sorter Jobs

Office Clerk Jobs

Office Assistant Jobs

Office Manager Jobs

Editor Jobs

Event Planner Jobs

Store Manager Jobs

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Embracing the Importance of Data Roles in Modern Business

Data is everything in a digital world. Therefore, the importance of data roles has only gotten more and more vital. Data drives decision-making and business strategy, impacting every aspect and department in an organization. Voca understands the vital contributions of data professionals and we are dedicated to connecting talented individuals with rewarding careers and businesses with promising candidates.

The Benefits of Data Roles

Data roles, such as data entry clerks and data processors, are fundamental to ensuring accurate and efficient data management. These positions provide the backbone for data integrity, enabling businesses to make informed decisions and devise effective strategies. By meticulously handling data, professionals in these roles help organizations unlock valuable insights, streamline operations, and achieve their business objectives.

Exploring Different Roles in Data Management and Analysis

The field of data management and analysis encompasses a variety of roles, each with its unique responsibilities and opportunities. Some key positions include:


Data Entry Clerk Jobs

Data Processor Jobs

Telephone Operator Jobs

Switchboard Operator Jobs

Starting a Career in Data

At Voca, we are committed to supporting your journey in the data field. Explore our current job openings, access valuable resources, and connect with our team to discover how we can help you achieve your career goals in data management and analysis.

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Your Path to Engineering Excellence

At Voca, we understand the pivotal role engineers play across various industries. From transforming innovative concepts into tangible solutions to solving some of the world’s most complex problems, engineers are the backbone of technological and infrastructural advancement. We are committed to connecting talented professionals with the best opportunities in chemical engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering jobs.

The Role of Engineers in Various Industries

Engineers are essential in driving progress and innovation across multiple sectors. In the chemical industry, engineers develop processes to produce materials and chemicals safely and efficiently. Civil engineers design and oversee the construction of infrastructure projects, ensuring the development of sustainable and resilient communities. Electrical engineers are at the forefront of creating and improving electrical systems and devices, while mechanical engineers design and manufacture everything from small components to large machinery, playing a critical role in numerous industries.

Contribution to Innovation and Problem-Solving

A career in engineering offers a unique opportunity to contribute to significant advancements and problem-solving initiatives. Engineers are the innovators who bring new ideas to life, enhance existing technologies, and develop solutions that improve quality of life. Whether it’s developing sustainable energy solutions, designing cutting-edge medical devices, or creating robust infrastructure, engineers make invaluable contributions to society.

Various Engineering Disciplines and Positions

Voca provides a wide range of job opportunities across different engineering disciplines. We specialize in matching professionals with roles that suit their expertise and career aspirations. Explore exciting positions in:

Chemical Engineering Jobs

Civil Engineering Jobs

Electrical Engineering Jobs

Mechanical Engineering Jobs

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Finance roles are critical to the success and stability of an organization. Professionals in these roles, such as financial analysts, tax managers, and accounting clerks, provide essential services that ensure effective financial planning, compliance, and overall financial health. Their expertise helps businesses navigate complex financial landscapes, optimize resources, and achieve strategic objectives.

Impact on Financial Planning and Stability

Financial professionals play a pivotal role in shaping a company’s financial strategy and maintaining its stability. For example, financial analysts provide insights that drive investment decisions, while tax managers ensure compliance with tax regulations, thereby avoiding costly penalties. These roles directly impact a company’s ability to plan for the future and maintain financial health, which is essential for sustained growth and success.

Different Financial Positions and Specializations

The financial sector offers a diverse range of positions, each with its own specialization. Some of the key roles include:

Financial Analyst Jobs

Tax Manager Jobs

Accounting Clerk Jobs

Accounting Assistant Jobs

Accounts Payable Jobs

Accounts Receivable Manager Jobs

Billing Manager Jobs

Cash Application Specialist Jobs

Assistant Controller Jobs

Account Manager Jobs

Jobs for Certified Public Accountants (CPAs)

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Technology Staffing

Voca offers elite technology staffing and recruitment. We understand that our development of unstoppable technology is in the brave hands of extraordinary IT talent. Our goal is to pair our clients in business with the best IT resources; and in turn, pair the brightest IT talent with the right opportunities that meet their goals and standards.

Importance of Key Roles in Technology Staffing

Whether you’re looking for systems administrators, systems engineers, or project managers, we have the expertise to find the perfect match for your needs. These key roles are essential for maintaining and advancing your technological infrastructure, ensuring smooth and efficient operations. Types of IT roles we place:


Quality Assurance Specialist

Quality Assurance Engineer

Applications Systems Analyst

Systems Analyst

Customer Service

Customer Care Representative

Client Service Representative

Customer Service Representative

Customer Service Manager

Data/ Data Management

Data Entry Clerk

Data Processor

Telephone/Switchboard Operator

Database Analyst/Oracle, SQL

ETL Developer

Data Architect

Data Warehouse Manager

Data Warehouse Information Security



Chemical Engineering

Civil Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Systems Engineering


ERP Systems Analyst

ERP Consultant



Financial Reporting Manager

Financial Reporting Director

Tax Manager

Accounting Clerk

Accounting Assistant


Certified Public Accountant

Accounting Manager

Assistant Controller


Billing Representative

Billing Manager


Cash Application Specialist

Accounts Receivable Specialist

Accounts Payable/Receivable Manager

Receipts Management Associate



Sourcing Analyst

Procurement Specialist

Logistics Associate

Production Operator

Delivery Driver


Technical Support

Help Desk

Help Desk Manager

Service Desk

Desktop Support

Technical Support Manager



Intern Clerical

Administrative Assistant

Executive Assistant

Mail Room Clerk


Office Clerk

Office Assistant

Office Manager


Event Planner

Sales Clerk

Store Manager

Clerical Aide

General Clerk


Automation Engineer

Software Developer Java, .NET, C++,

PERL, Ruby on Rails, COBOL

Web Application Developer


Software Engineer

Software Architect

DevOps Engineer

SCRUM Master

Agile Coach

Product Owner

Human Resources

Human Resources Generalist

Human Resources Coordinator

Human Resources Manager

Human Resources Business Partner

Organizational Change Management


Training Assistant

Training Manager

Learning & Development Manager


Network Administrator

Network Engineer

Information Security Consultant

Project Management

Project Coordinator

Business Analyst

Business Data Analyst

Product/Brand Manager

Project Manager

Program Manager

Project Coordinator


Contract Recruiter

Corporate Recruiter

Systems Administrator/ Systems Engineer






Telecommunications Technician

Telecommunications Engineer

VOIP Engineer

Technical Support and Systems Administration

Technical support is essential to any successful tech operation. Our technology recruiters excel at finding candidates for technical support jobs, ensuring your team can resolve issues quickly and keep your systems running smoothly. We also place candidates in system administrator jobs and system engineer jobs, providing your business with the expertise needed to manage and optimize your IT systems.

Data Management and Development

Effective data management is crucial. Voca connects businesses with top talent for data management jobs, helping you harness the power of your data for strategic decision-making. Additionally, our recruiters are adept at finding skilled software developers and web developers who drive your development projects forward and create innovative solutions.

ERP and Project Management

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are vital for integrating and managing your business processes. Voca recruits highly qualified candidates for ERP jobs, ensuring your ERP systems are implemented and maintained effectively. Our project management jobs are also critical for overseeing and guiding complex projects to successful completion, providing you with the leadership necessary to achieve your business objectives.

Network and Telecommunications

A robust and secure network is essential for any business. Voca’s technology staffing services include finding top talent for network engineer jobs, ensuring your network infrastructure is reliable and efficient. We also specialize in telecommunications jobs, connecting you with experts who can manage and optimize your communication systems, keeping your business connected and operational.

Partner with Voca for Your Technology Staffing Needs

At Voca, we are committed to providing comprehensive technology staffing solutions tailored to your specific needs. Whether you’re looking for experts in technical support, systems administration, data management, development, ERP, project management, network, or telecommunications, our experienced recruiters are here to help.

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